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Financial Analytics in Business


For taking financial analytics, I have heard a lot of challenges in finance. Let me get this straight I get an in-depth overview of profitability across levels not just bad, I can also fully automate and consolidate financial data daily. Financial analytics solution addresses strategic tactical and operational information that management needs in all functions. With, one software I mean come I need a hat off that happens not that simple is it so I asked them to put it for a test can at a plus create what-if scenarios for optimization up all company resources. Financial Analytics can track overall business performance towards strategic goals. That is impressive what about on-demand ad-hoc, analysis reports are generated so quickly in automatically shared with CXL, business heads, and other. Users those advanced visuals closed great driving actionable insights will be a breeze now.

Financial Analytics for midmarket

Data analytics have become a critical business in analytics essential for truly informed financial decision-making. But mid-size companies faced many challenges in their attempt to capitalize on the growing wealth of business information around them. So to overcome these challenges into gain competitive edge mid-size companies need the power of financial analytics. IBM Business Analytics for midsize companies enables your business to make the most of its data. It is a unified intelligent data analytics approach no matter how diverse your data may be, so you’ll get the whole story, no more separate isolated data, no more spreadsheet reliant. Your decision makers share real-time financial insights across the web, mobile, and desktop. Putting the whole range of financial reporting planning forecasting, budgeting, and predictive analytics at their fingertips for collaborative and better decision-making no matter where your data resides. IBM Business Analytics solutions are affordable and easy to use right out of the box deployed either on-premise or on the cloud the solutions that right into your existing infrastructure to make the most of all your resources. So you will gain high quality in fact quickly and easily as financial decision-makers use powerful scenario modeling capabilities. They will do so without the need for coding more complex scripting. Further reducing the demand on IT resources and perhaps most important IBM Business Analytics solutions are enterprise-ready. It’s a platform that can grow alongside your company. With this, you can plan for tomorrow but deploy affordable today, visualize and measure your company’s performance you the entirety of your company’s finances, drive business growth with accurate plant budgets, and forecasts. Reduce risk and save time compiling reports and do it all regardless of where you are. IBM Business Analytics for midsize companies enabling business-driven analytics for the total financial insight, it’s all part a smarter business.

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Use of Mobile BI in Business


Business Intelligence is now on mobile! Access the simplicity of Mobile BI (Business Intelligence) on any device, anytime, anywhere. With stunning new dashboards and interfaces, mobile bi means you’re more informed, more flexible, and more awesome! Mobile inventory intelligence: stream inventory vs. sales on-the-spot. Visiting clients on the road; highlight declining product groups. Found a moment to unearth new link sell opportunities; create a dashboard and share it with your team. Mobile Business Intelligence is so simple anyone can use it. In fact, we reckon if you can book a flight on the Internet, you can build a dashboard in mobile business intelligence. No IT department, no strings, no problem. Mobile BI made simple.

How to – succeed with Mobile BI

Did you know smartphones and tablets are the hottest and fastest-growing commodity for private and business use right now? Business intelligence is on the top of CIO minds year after year. In fact, it is their top priority many business intelligence benders are releasing new solutions for smartphones and tablets. But why do they all claim to have the best solution? Well, there is a combination of factors like mobile internet, broadband possibilities, screen resolution, real-time connection, and cloud computing. If executives are away from laptops, that should not restrict them from accessing critical data anytime or anywhere. They can make decisions on the go. Now this ability gives you lots of opportunities but you may be thinking what the risks are? How do I start? How can I be successful? And is now the time? We want to share with you, our experience from recent research with 300 business managers. Number one personal conversations email and telephone are still the top three resources to make decisions. Executives use their smartphone for real-time communications such as email, SMS, telephone, and news. Two, over the last two years the usage of tablets and smartphones is growing twice as fast for making decisions. Three, c-level executives want to have real-time information about organization performance, people performance, Department performance. Of course, this information needs to be actionable on your smartphone and therefore needs to be real time. The best buy a push notification in a simple message and simply interpreted in a timely and transient manner. Four we found that the gadget content of mobile BI on your smartphone is short. So how do you make it sustainable? Well make it actionable and also make them curious by delivering new information in a time consistency manner. Five mobile bi is only suitable for companies where data quality is 100% correct every day, your information foundation must be firm and sound. Six you need the right content on the right device. The tablet is being used more by executives in business meetings. Tablets have a larger screen but managers do not have these with them all the time. Not to mention executives want to see information in its context and perspective. In short, the tablet must tell you the complete story. And finally, seven if you share your most strategic information make sure you have good security in place.

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Organization’s Success Using Business Metrics


A metric is a system or standard of measurement. A business metric is a system or standard of measurement used to gauge in organization’s success whether it be a question of efficiency, productivity, attendance, or any other measurable elements. According to the experts, the key to effectiveness is to avoid what they call so what metrics. I think it would just be really emotionally intelligent about your audience. I mean the so what metric is when you pull some data out in front of an audience and they say so what the alternative trying to tell a story and those stories are tied to some type of action. You know overload of data you know I think ultimately is detrimental to you. So I actually avoid collecting data analyzing anything and reporting anything unless there is a route question we are answering. Because there is a route question driving that metric I really don’t have to worry about this so what attitude because I am not presenting them just for the purpose of presenting of presenting them their answers.

What to measure?

It is also important that you’re choosing the right elements to measure even though it may seem like a logical direction. Measuring against your competition can often be more harmful than helpful. we want to compare to everybody else and I’m much rather you start you off comparing against yourself I’ll go with you last year I’ll go with you last month let’s set a baseline and that will be our benchmark versus benchmark against another institution and then see how you improve now once you’re happy and your customers are happy and the end of meeting customers’ expectations and you know you’re doing a good job if you’d like to go see how that compares struggle the organization’s that’s fine.

How to business metrics in line with strategy?

So the conversation that you have around all of this stuff is really where the value ideas you know it’s not about just producing things that set on the shelf it really is about trying to understand complex problems and bringing people together around those understandings. Operationally from trying to get an insight into something that should logically be influenced by the strategic view. Right, it’s going to tell me things like operationally they’re doing well in this area having problems in this area this is a pain point. This is something I need to adjust this is something I need to visit well those things should then inform my plans on the strategic longer-range level and vice versa.

Another pitfall of using metrics to measure your organization’s success is using the collected data and benchmarks wisely. A lot of people right now the catchphrase are data-driven decisions and that scares me to death I don’t want you making decisions based on the data. I want you being informed by the information that you gathered by the measures that you analyze. Then you know you put together your picture some of the most difficult times when you’re having conversations around data is when the day that either speaks in a way that was unexpected or counter to people’s best guess for their instincts. So having your act together and having your numbers exactly right is incredibly important those circumstances. So let’s review business metrics are measures metrics should be driven by questions or purposes. Business metrics should be used to tell a story to your audience not a number dump data from metrics should not be used to drive decisions. But simply informed decisions the real value of metrics is opening conversation and collaboration about complex subjects in the business and problems. Business metrics shall help operations reflect strategy and vice versa and that’s where I think that you know the real impact is what actions you take from this data, what priorities are you going to set, and how are you going to respond. You know the answers to the questions that you found and then once you’ve finished you start the whole process over again.

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ROI Analytics Dashboard-Business Intelligence


ROI analytics dashboard provides key business metrics in a web-based utility rich with critical measurements of your print strategy or MPs plan. On current statistics, we can see total cost, toner cost, color printer cost, black and white page cost, overall page cost, average color page cost, average black and white cost, and average user cost. Below this we can see the information extrapolated over one year and three years. Next to this we can see the number of pages that were printed in this period; how many of those were color versus black and white, how many jobs operated, Number of color jobs versus black and white jobs, Number of number printers, Network printer’s versus local printers, Number of applications used, Number of drivers, Number of days this data was run for, Number of workstations, and Number of users? Here we can see jobs by size.

Browse over to see more details jobs by type or jobs by the application. Underneath this, we can see the top 10 applications used for this period. we can also see jobs by printer type: below this we can compare daily stats here we see volume over a period of time, jobs, cost of those jobs, color versus black-on-white, how much network traffic was there over this period, printers by class and volume, who ignore the ROI rules, much how much volume was blocked, and how many jobs were blocked next. The next page at the dashboard is top users and printers right at your fingertips you can see your high volume producers the most expensive users, the most expensive print devices, and the least used print devices. We can view this information by number rows and we can also view this information by the department to the side we see top users by volume marching over for more detail the most expensive users and the most expensive print devices. The next sport is the rows see how people are reacting to the print strategy, are they accepting the ROI rules, Who received the pop-up messages, how many times, who either accepted or ignored the advice, select this information by the number of users or by the department. To the side and we can see jobs blog versus jobs printed, page blocked pages printed, users who accepted the advice versus users who ignored?


The next page of the ROI analytics dashboard is users see who uses which printer’s volumes and costs. View this information by the number of users or by the department. Grab the side display users versus printers marching over for more detail users versus volume and user’s versus jobs. The next page of the ROI analytics dashboards is printers. Here we can see each print device color versus black-on-white volume, and their total cost. View this information by the number of printers or view this information by department. Grass side displays disinformation by class local printers versus network printers versus multifunctional devices. Here we can see the volume from those three classes and here is the cost to those three classes’ printers. The last page of the dashboard is projections. here you see the current state and the current costs change the percentages to move the volume into a more efficient device. The ROI analytics dashboard displays the new volumes and the new costs. Here we see total savings over one year and savings over three years. View this information by department grass to the side display this is current value by class, current volume by costs, and projected savings by class. ROI analytics dashboard provides key business metrics right at your fingertips rich with critical measurements for your print strategy or MPs plan.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics for Strategic Decision-Making


Your Organization wants to drive strategic decision-making with deeper insight into your data using business intelligence and analytics solution? Business Intelligence and Analytics is the powerful reporting tool combined with your data goes beyond can report to uncover opportunities, save time and deliver answers to questions you didn’t know you had. The power of business intelligence starts with data warehouse which contains extensive information from win team. Your data combined with Business Objects analytics tools results in powerful reports and visualizations.

With business intelligence, you have insight into your business that you can’t gain from standard reports. Armed with this in-depth knowledge of your operations you can analyze trends, identify issues, find opportunities, and make smart business decisions more quickly. You can access your reports and tools on the business intelligence launch pad. In addition to Home tab in Documents tab the launch pad features a team works based app with links to team content and user documentation. You also have access to available team created items.

Using workspaces allows you to group together related items like visuals, reports in files into a single display. You can create your own workspaces based on roles functions or areas. Web Intelligence and dashboards are the main business intelligence tools you can access from the launch pad. Web intelligence is the key self-service tool for creating customized ad hoc reports. Web Intelligence puts the ability to create robust dynamic business reports in your hands without the need for specialized knowledge for help from IT or software development.

Business intelligence and analytics solution comes with a number of pre-built webs intelligence reports. But it’s easy to create new reports with the user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality. Once you query the data you need you can transform it into tables, charts or graphs. You can also create variables rearrange and data insert sections. You can even designer report to run at scheduled intervals and automatically deliver it to specific individuals. This feature alone has saved our clients several hours a month by eliminating tedious manual reporting tasks. You can also make the reports available to view on your smartphone or tablet later through the Business Objects mobile application. Business Intelligence also includes dashboards or interactive visual displays of metrics. You can start with pre-built dashboards including general ledger overview and human resources overview. But you can also create custom dashboards based on the aggregated data you’d like to track and see tag lines.

Business Intelligence and Analytics has created data warehouses and standard reports and dashboards for most of the win team modules including the financial modules, HR, personnel, scheduling, and work schedule. Businesses that can discover harness and transform data across their organization have an advantage they can focus on the highest value opportunities, take action of the reports, and stay competitive. Empower decision-makers with the right insight to drive success with business intelligence and analytics solution.

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