A Comparison: CBAP®, CPRE-FL & PMI-PBA®

With the addition of PMI’s new certification in Business Analysis in the name of PMI-PBA® the latest question amongst the Business Analysis community is what is the difference when compared to the existing Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) certification from IIBA, Canada and Certified Professional in Requirements Engineering-Foundation Level (CPRE-FL) ...
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Business Analysis to Enhance Movie Script

It is usual practice in our film industry for directors to have assistant directors help and develop the script and do the background research for their film's setting. But in what is a novel movie, director Mohan Raja roped in a business analysis firm, Fhyzics Business Consultants, for the purpose.For ...
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Box Office Hits Need Out-of-the-Box Thinking

As we all witnessed during the past 10 days or so, ‘Thani Oruvan’ got rave reviews and has been accepted by the film industry and audience as a benchmark movie. There is a transition happening in the Indian movie industry; that is driven by the audience. Today movie goers are ...
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101 Must Techniques for BAs

Business Analyst is like a two-sided coin, on one side he possesses the Business Analysis skill set composed of tasks and techniques and on the other side he possesses certain underlying competencies to succeed in his profession. Both are very vital to make a complete business analyst. In this post, ...
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Fhyzics’ P-S-P Approach in Business Analysis

Business analysis is the process of requirements gathering, understanding, analyzing, documenting, communicating and finally recommending right solutions to the stakeholders. One of the major activities of a business analyst is to work closely with the stakeholders in gathering the requirements and creating a common shared understanding among the stakeholders, which ...
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Buying – The Business Analysis Way

In this article, I would like to introduce you to one such area where business analysis (BA) is tremendously helpful and have potential to save millions of dollars i.e. buying decisions in corporates. Let us first look into a typical purchasing process that happens in a company and then review ...
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Word Cloud Qualifications

Business Analysis Certification

Business Analyst is our new corporate colleague who is helping organizations in three unique ways that no one else is capable of doing. She is (1) helping organizations to visualize a to-be-solution without actually building the solution (2) achieving that objective at a minimal cost and (3) providing a road-map ...
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Remote Business Analysis

Business analysis profession provides valuable contribution to organizations by recommending solutions to create a new system or to improve an existing system. Though, business analysis is a recent specialization or profession (from 1990's) it undoubtedly demonstrated its value to the C-Level Executives and to the organization by delivering successful projects, ...
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White Paper : Remote Business Analysis

This white paper is about how small and mid-sized organizations can benefit from Remote Business Analysis at an affordable cost. The paper unravels the following topics: What is business analysis? The need for business analysis Our Remote Business Analysis (RBA) Model Benefits of Remote Business Analysis Alignment with Business Model ...
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A Business Analyst Who made the Acquisition Irrelevant

Not long, long ago ... just a few years back, when cloud based applications were about to play a havoc on on-premise installations, a small company in US came out with a CRM application. This application was growing leaps and bounds not year-over-year, but month-after-month. Now this small company created ...
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Business Analysis Concepts through Crosswords

Arthur Wynne is credited with the invention of crossword puzzle and it first appeared in New York World on December 21, 1913 (Reference). Today it is a great pastime and one can find it in all newspapers and magazines of all languages. Many educational institutions use crossword for vocabulary improvement ...
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The TRIO Who Shaped the World

God created the world and 'The Trio' shaped the world - Business Analysts, Stakeholders and Project Managers. The stakeholders came out with the need i.e. what they want. The project managers implemented the solutions to satisfy the stakeholders. Then what is the role of a business analyst? This post is ...
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Business Analysis – An Elevator To The Top!

Business analysis is the new role that has gained popularity among the corporates during the last 10 years or so. The reason being they help the organization to visualize a system without actually implementing the system and at a minimal cost. Though Information Technology introduced business analyst to the world, ...
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Business Analysis for Marketing Manager

Being in the marketing domain over the years, have noticed that it’s pretty important to wear Marketing glasses to analyse business trends and brand of your organization. Often marketing and related analysis is confused with Sales within the organisation, particularly the small Business. It should not be so on both ...
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A ‘Whole-Brained’ Approach to Business Analysis

Is Business Analysis an ‘Art’ or a ‘Science’? Some contend that Business Analysis is more an ‘Art’ (right-brained discipline) than a ‘Science’ (left-brained discipline), whereas to others it’s the vice-versa. I belong to the third section, which believes business analysis is an ideal blend of both the hemispheres. It is ...
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Me & My Perception Towards IT & Its Changing Trends

It was March of 2005, start of terrible summers in Chennai, the moment I stepped in Ashok Leyland Finance’s Software division, saw so many intellectual faces, anyone hardly had time to realize that some one new has come up, then apparently I noticed one person in tidy formal attires, it ...
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Analyzing business growth

Business Analysis in Market Research: Art Of Identifying Right Apples

Hello everyone! I wish to share few words about myself first – I am Himanshu Khattar, a dynamic market research professional with a zeal to extract the juice from the business analysis industry. And I always feel like am not serving my appetite. Since, my usual work days start with ...
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The 2 BIG Questions

Well, there was a job requirement stating “Sr. Business Analyst needed to bridge the gap between Business and IT”. Can someone tell me, who could be better than Superman himself to “BRIDGE” the gap? Many associates around the world are unaware about the term Business Analyst or Analysis. So the ...
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Changing Distribution Patterns in the Airline Industry

IntroductionAirlines were the industry that created eCommerce. They taught the world how to use electronic devices to conduct their day to day business. They faced uniqueproblems in distribution which led them to develop online shopping. And today it is this very concept that is changing the airline distribution patterns and ...
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Business Analyst – The ONE

Business Analyst – First time when I heard this word while working for banking operations, I was really curious to know more about the role behind this word. One fine day, I was introduced to a person by my senior manager and was told that I need to explain him ...
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Immortal Requirements

A healthy tree starts with a small seed and a good product has its foundation in its requirements. Designers of product or service or software need to identify the requirements that are correct and complete. Need is the mother of all creations. Need is good for talking, but not fit ...
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Business Analysis Trends

Over the past 15 years or so, India has emerged as a ‘Software Capital of the World’. This has resulted in great demand for business analysts in India. Today, India has about 1.2 million (12 Lakh) business analysts and they are mainly distributed across few cities as indicated in the ...
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Product Improvement Through Paper-Prototype

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines prototype as "An original or first model of something from which other forms are copied or developed. Prototyping is a favorite technique of inventors and it is as old as the early human inventions. Prototyping is very popular among mechanical and civil engineers. I practically experienced prototyping ...
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A Walk through – Product Company Vs Service Company Perspective

Business Analyst, the word is getting very common in the IT Industry now-a-days; organizations have started engaging individual(s), who can act as liaison among the different stakeholders. Before this person comes into play, project managers or team leads were the once to act as the single point of contact for ...
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Research Rewards Movies too!

Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited just completed its maiden business analysis project for the movie industry. Insiders of the industry claims that this is the first ever formal arrangement where a consulting firm specialized in business analysis was hired by a production house for a film project. Movie: Thani Oruvan ...
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