Financial Analytics in Business

For taking financial analytics, I have heard a lot of challenges in finance. Let me get this straight I get an in-depth overview of profitability across levels not just bad, I can also fully automate and consolidate financial data daily. Financial analytics solution addresses strategic tactical and operational information that ...
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Use of Mobile BI in Business

Business Intelligence is now on mobile! Access the simplicity of Mobile BI (Business Intelligence) on any device, anytime, anywhere. With stunning new dashboards and interfaces, mobile bi means you're more informed, more flexible, and more awesome! Mobile inventory intelligence: stream inventory vs. sales on-the-spot. Visiting clients on the road; highlight ...
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Organization’s Success Using Business Metrics

A metric is a system or standard of measurement. A business metric is a system or standard of measurement used to gauge in organization's success whether it be a question of efficiency, productivity, attendance, or any other measurable elements. According to the experts, the key to effectiveness is to avoid ...
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ROI Analytics Dashboard-Business Intelligence

ROI analytics dashboard provides key business metrics in a web-based utility rich with critical measurements of your print strategy or MPs plan. On current statistics, we can see total cost, toner cost, color printer cost, black and white page cost, overall page cost, average color page cost, average black and ...
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Business Intelligence and Analytics for Strategic Decision-Making

Your Organization wants to drive strategic decision-making with deeper insight into your data using business intelligence and analytics solution? Business Intelligence and Analytics is the powerful reporting tool combined with your data goes beyond can report to uncover opportunities, save time and deliver answers to questions you didn't know you ...
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Advanced Analytics for Better Management

Each day you may be interacting with thousands or even millions of individuals and you may be confronting new challenges and updating, integrating, understanding, and properly managing all the data that is coming at you. In this context how confident are you that you truly know your customers that you ...
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Oracle Sales Analytics

The sales manager, use Oracle sales cloud to management team's performance and product line revenues. The sales manager can see at a glance swimming team’s pipelines dance and how individual team members are progressing towards their quarterly goals. First, he reviews how the numbers stack up against the product lines ...
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Overview of Sentiment Analysis with Microsoft Analytics

Sentiment analysis also known as opinion mining allows one to score comments, articles and other textual sources for positive, negative or neutral sentiment. Let's talk about how it works, it all starts with some textual data this can be a social media comment. For example, I love APS (Microsoft Analytics ...
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Marketing Analytics Tools & Techniques

The responsibility of marketers is to help firms become more customer-centric and the way to do so is to collect and analyze data on customers. But with the advent of social media and the ability to track browsing and purchasing behavior on the internet. We now have new kinds of ...
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Introduction to Master Data Management

The introduction of master data and master data management is for business professionals and IT consulting or industry and although some work on sets a fairly basic it touches on so important foundations specifically introduction to process maps and introduction to organizational models, introduction to value stream maps too. So ...
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Getting Started with Data Analytics Tools

The growth of data and analytics has results in the growth of the organization and the tools offer individuals who are trying to make sense. Data Analytics tools sets into two broad categories, single functionality, and integrated suites. Tool sets such as NodeXL, and Gephi comes under single functionality, and ...
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Overview of BI Tools

The technical aspects of the implementation of bi tools by large trade companies that have terabytes of data in coming from many sources all over the world. With such large quantities of data at their disposal, these companies want to analyze and track sales dynamics, see trends and analyze the ...
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Curriculum of Data Science Course

So you want to become a data scientist. Well, great choice. As one of the hottest careers in technology, there's plenty of opportunity for people who are qualified for these jobs. But employers know that it takes functional knowledge, technical skills, and real world experience to be successful. Why Data ...
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Overview of Data Analytics Course

The world relies on data big data and because nowadays data is used to drive decisions in business processes for industries. Our entire world bombs on numbers and the people who can penalize numbers and base their decisions on data analytics would be the leader’s tomorrow. There are a huge ...
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Job Prospectus of Business Analytics Course

Business analytics course is concerned with helping business leaders make decisions that are good for the business using data as its input data. Information has been referred to as the most valuable commodity and also as the new raw material of business. In today's hyper-competitive environment that businesses work in ...
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Popular Business Intelligence Tools

You probably have plenty of data, customer information accounting records performance data inventory logs, transportation schedules, training schedules the list goes on and on. Organization makes decisions every day from the intelligence and insight gained from this data. It is important to know how your business is doing now and ...
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What is Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics assist in connecting data to effective action by drawing reliable conclusions about current and future events. Predictive analytics encompasses a variety of techniques such a simulation, statistics game theory and data mining to do Predictive analytics. These predictions enable organizations to use predictive models to exploit patterns, to ...
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Business Case For Business Analytics

Business analytics include capabilities and solutions that benefit many disciplines. With business analytics, there is an increased need for collaboration across organizations, as well as the need for supervision by cross-departmental management teams. Data speeds services in “The Mother City” of Cape Town Cape Town, the second largest city in ...
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Business Intelligence in Organisation

Business Intelligence is a concept that usually involves the conveyance and integration of relevant and useful business information. Companies use Business Intelligence to find significant events and find/monitor business trends to adapt rapidly to their changing environment and a scenario. Effective business intelligence training in your organization, can improve the ...
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The Scope of Data Analytics

The world is becoming data driven. Each and every decision is taken from data. The scope of data analytics is ever expanding and it became mainstream for all sized companies. The data is growing exponentially, with this data we can able to develop decisions. Today, data is influencing IT industry ...
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Benefits of Big Data Analytics

The data scientists and data architects enjoy helping customers with the big data analytics. The term big data describes the collection, process, availability of high volumes of data. Companies are combining all the internal and external data to identify correlation and statistical methods to make the accurate decision. Like, Traditional ...
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What is Business Analytics?

Business Intelligence tells about what is happening in the business. Business Analytics elaborates why it is happening and what will happen in the future. Business Analytics is a computational process of exploring the organization’s data with the importance of statistical analysis. Business Analytics is used by enterprises to take data-driven ...
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