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It not that simple to change the way of anything, from its current course, however, change is inevitable. For every true innovative business ideas, there are plenty of copycats that follow but fail miserably. Even all the innovations do not become successful; among all the successful innovations only a few become disruptive. Being first does not make you the best. It is about executing it in a better way than competitors and staying ahead of them.

There are few products or companies that have changed, by their business idea, the way the world does business.


Before the invention of e-mail, it was hand-written letters which take days to deliver. Now it has been bypassed by nearly instant communication. Nowadays, more than 100 billion business-related emails are sent a day and it is expected to reach 130 billion by 2017. It is all happened in just 20 years ago. During the late nineties, quick replies were not the thing, and even faxes were considered to be an effective way to send information compared to e-mail. It changed at end of the earlier 2000s when email at the office became essential for any businesses. Very rapidly, email severely changed the way every professional work. Now it is the basic communication tool of any business.


Most of the world can’t imagine a day without it. Within a short span of time, Google has arisen from the dust to an integral part of our life and business. It started as just another search engine, but it swiftly became a common verb for any information search. The instant information changed the way business works. It also rapidly began to disrupt other fields, as well as email, software news and advertising. It changed the old standard quid pro quo of business. Now, as an impact of this, any businesses which learn to be savoir-faire in their online marketing can harvest plunder by leaving their competitors behind.


It was started as just an online bookstore, but as Amazon has grown, it has proven a threat to the entire retail industry. By cutting down intermediaries and other costs like rent prices, the company offers lower prices and remains extremely profitable. It has turned upside down the way industries and world shops. Even the US-based retail king Wal-Mart has been felt the heat and forced to launch a series of price wars earlier in 2009.


Sometimes ago, if you wish to let friends know about an amazing product you purchased recently or where you were headed, you had to pick up a phone. Today, people’s social lives revolve around social networks. Facebook has become the platform of reconnecting with long lost friends and staying in touch with others. Earlier there were numerous chat rooms started online. But Facebook surpassed the market with the concepts like an easy-to-use interface, newsfeed, photo tagging and other features. Almost it became the part of the promotional strategy of any company. Also, it changed the way business people hire human resources.

There are other companies like Apple, You Tube, etc but above four made an impulsive change in the business world.

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