Hand drawing Business Plan flowchart

How to Write Business Plan?

Every million dollar business starts with a little seed of an idea. So the is foremost important but an idea is not enough. From a lot of ideas, only a ...
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How to Differentiate Business Plan and Business Proposal?

A business plan is not the same as a business proposal. There are some common sections like an executive summary but they are basically different in every aspect like their ...
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Essentials of New Business Plan

Business plans can be categorised into three types:1. New business plan for start-up2. Business plan for already started company (maybe it goes for funding or needs to revise its current ...
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The Evolutionary Trends in Business Plan

A small business plan is often preferable because of three reasons1) Rarely anyone would read all the pages2) When the business plan is vast, it consumes much of the time ...
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Preparing a Business Plan for Small Businesses

It is common that anyone who got fed up with their boss or their routine life style would have dreamt of starting a small business of their own. Some think ...
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Best Business Plan Format-Is there a thing really that way?

Have you ever wondered what way a business plan can be best created and presented and what length would be appropriate? A lot of recommendations from various literatures suggest something ...
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Benefits of Business Plan

Once I met an entrepreneur who was planning for a start-up business. He needed a business plan which was mandated by the regulatory body related to the business. When he ...
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