Introduction to Process Improvement

Identify, analyze and improve upon existing business processes within an organization is called Process Improvement to optimize new quotas and standards of quality. The Process Improvement life cycle management a key business processes as I’ve utmost importance to becoming a high-performing management as they are the means for executing your ...
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Introduction to Process Mapping

Process Mapping is a system for capture the steps in a process to the level of detail the either can be to explain process in detail or to identify where the probable problems are different names • Detailed Process Mapping or Swim Lanes• SIPOC• IDEF Modelling• Flow Charting• Activity Diagram ...
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Introduction to Six Sigma

Orgin of Six Sigma Six sigma approach was first proposed and developed by Bill Smith of Motorola in 1986. It is based on the works of others such as human heart here on Taguchi Deming NM Sequa and their contributions to quality control tqm and zero defects. On January fifteenth ...
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Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is a great interest to manufacturers throughout the world. Companies of all sizes are applying lean principles and realizing dramatic improvements in quality, productivity, customer service and profitability. Lean Manufacturing is a production ideology, a way of mapping the overall manufacturing process from raw material, to finished goods, ...
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Fhyzics’ P-S-P Approach in Business Analysis

Business analysis is the process of requirements gathering, understanding, analyzing, documenting, communicating and finally recommending right solutions to the stakeholders. One of the major activities of a business analyst is to work closely with the stakeholders in gathering the requirements and creating a common shared understanding among the stakeholders, which ...
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