5 key Ingredients to Ensure Successful New Product Development

How to get a product out faster or even how to get a product out at the lower cost. Five essential ingredients which ensure that every product that you develop actually succeeds on the market place. These five ingredients are all about pulling out all the stops right at the ...
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Product Management - Business Concept. Green Arrow with "Product Management" Slogan on a Grey Background. 3D Render.

What is Product Management?

Product management is according to the black blood product manager’s toolkit p.m. TK methodology. In order to understand what product management is we should first start with an example, imagine a sand bucket and shovel a child's toy before buying this product the child's parents check the sand bucket and ...
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Introduction to Product Design

What is the Product Design? It is the process of taking on rough sketch and turning back into a viable market-ready product. So it includes research into existing technologies, going to show that the right size to be used effectively, improving the functionality, design for manufacture all those different elements ...
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Product Life Cycle and Marketing Strategies

Whenever we talk about the term market place what we can find is that there of a lot of competition and when we talk about competitive frames we have got our own product and the route to get it there. Then we have to be very clear that the product ...
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New Product Development Process

What is an Innovation? At the time of new product development companies have to also think about one major aspect i.e innovation to stay in hunt. Today’s fierce competitive scenario is such that what happened to Kodak through Sony could now happen to Sony through Apple. If you ponder over ...
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Product Improvement Through Paper-Prototype

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines prototype as "An original or first model of something from which other forms are copied or developed. Prototyping is a favorite technique of inventors and it is as old as the early human inventions. Prototyping is very popular among mechanical and civil engineers. I practically experienced prototyping ...
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