Molasses Disaster: Natural or Standard Operating Procedure Neglect

Purity Distilling Company which was into the business of manufacturing alcohol was based out in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The company made use of huge volumes of molasses which is the key ingredient in this industrial process of alcohol manufacturing and by nature it was syrupy. When this syrupy by-product of ...
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Flight 191 Crash-Case of SOP Format & SOP Meaning unclearly formulated

This incident shall go into being one of the worst airline disasters to have ever occurred in American lands and it took place on the 25th of May 1979 at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. On that fateful day this particular aircraft “Flight 191”, a 3-engined Mc Donnell Douglas DC-10 bund ...
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Sant Carles De La Rapita – Example of SOP Guidelines Non-adherence

The resort of Sant Carles de la Rapita in Southern part of Catalonia, Spain happens to be buzzing tourist destination and also has a history of having witnessed a very horrific accident in the year 1978 on the 27th of July. The location is and the time was such that ...
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Double-Decker Horror- Example of Standard Operating Procedure laxity

On a cold and dark winter evening of 4th of December in 1951 particular incident that happened in Gillingham, Kent, UK would send out chills down your spine! On the account of having plans to witness a boxing tournament about 52-strong company of the Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps set ...
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Hell Gate Tragedy – Did Standard Operating Procedure take a Back Seat?

On the 15th day of June 1904, about 1,358 members mostly consisting of women and children set out on an annual trip conducted by St. Mark’s Lutheran Church on a chartered ferry named “SS General Slocum” from the East River located in the city of New York, USA. These women ...
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Sultana Boat Tragedy at Mississippi

This is a true story that took place at River Mississippi on the 27th of April in the year 1865 when standard operating procedure was still not a big thing. The paddle steamer by the name “Sultana” was to transport the captured Union soldiers after the 4-year civil war that ...
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Was standard operating procedure overlooked here to cause this mishap?

On the 8th of February during the year 1981 a terrible incident happened in Neo Faliro, Piraeus in Greece at the famous Karaiskakis Stadium named after the legendary war hero of the Greek War of Independence-George Karaiskakis. This stadium is also the home to the soccer outfit Olympiacos FC the ...
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Could Standard Operating Procedure have prevented the Accra Stampede?

This happened in the year 2001 which is also considered to be the annus horribilis for soccer in the continent of Africa and could be classified under a series of sports disasters that have happened over so many years we have records of. In fact what happened in this continent ...
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