The TRIO Who Shaped the World
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Business analyst certification

God created the world and ‘The Trio’ shaped the world – Business Analysts, Stakeholders and Project Managers. The stakeholders came out with the need i.e. what they want. The project managers implemented the solutions to satisfy the stakeholders. Then what is the role of a business analyst? This post is to list out the three key contributions of the business analysts’ to their organizations.

BA helps the stakeholders to visualize the solution without actually building the solution:

Business analyst does not actually write a piece of code or create machinery. But he defines the solution what need to be created. It may be software, process or machinery. By gathering the requirements the business analyst gives shape to the solution. During the phase of business analysis nothing is concrete in front of us to touch and feel or to see, but the business analyst with his techniques helps the stakeholders to understand how the solution looks like when it is developed and deployed. Need of a stakeholder is a vague statement which cannot be implemented. The business analyst explores the need further by working with the stakeholders and converts it into requirements. Requirements are the needs but are well defined with specifications. A need may mean different things to different people as it gives lots of scope for assumptions. But a requirement is a well defined/specified, unambiguous need. A requirement means same thing to who ever reads it.

The above is achieved at a minimal cost:

The business analyst is helping the stakeholders to visualize the solution at a minimal cost. Since the business analyst does everything on paper (I mean documents), he can change the solution as and when required without much impact on the cost. There is nothing physically created so all options are explored in paper itself. Hence the business analyst is giving shape to the solution at a minimal cost.

Provides a roadmap to the project manager:

Project Manager is with an army of resources. They need to be marched in a well identified path just to ensure that the resources are not wasted both in terms of cost and time. The business analysts work gives that roadmap to the project manager so that he marches ahead with his army to realize the product. In summary, during implementation a project manager cannot have opportunity to explore solutions as it is a very costly affair.

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